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Plotting duplicates of an image

Once a duplicate dictionary corresponding to an image directory has been obtained (using find_duplicates), duplicates for an image can be plotted using plot_duplicates method as below:

from imagededup.utils import plot_duplicates
plot_duplicates(image_dir, duplicate_map, filename, outfile=None)

where filename is the file for which duplicates are to be plotted.


  • image_dir: Directory where all image files are present.

  • duplicate_map: A dictionary representing retrieved duplicates with filenames as key and a list of retrieved duplicate filenames as value. A duplicate_map with scores can also be passed (obtained from find_duplicates function with scores attribute set to True).

  • filename: Image file name for which duplicates are to be plotted.

  • outfile: Optional, name of the file the plot should be saved to. None by default.

The output looks as below: