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def evaluate(ground_truth_map, retrieved_map, metric)

Given a ground truth map and a duplicate map retrieved from a deduplication algorithm, get metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the applied deduplication algorithm.

  • ground_truth_map: A dictionary representing ground truth with filenames as key and a list of duplicate filenames as value.

  • retrieved_map: A dictionary representing retrieved duplicates with filenames as key and a list of retrieved duplicate filenames as value.

  • metric: Name of metric to be evaluated and returned. Accepted values are: 'map', 'ndcg', 'jaccard', 'classification', 'all'(default, returns every metric).

  • dictionary: A dictionary with metric name as key and corresponding calculated metric as the value. 'map', 'ndcg' and 'jaccard' return a single number denoting the corresponding information retrieval metric. 'classification' metrics include 'precision', 'recall' and 'f1-score' which are returned in the form of individual entries in the returned dictionary. The value for each of the classification metric is a numpy array with first entry as the score for non-duplicate file pairs(class-0) and second entry as the score for duplicate file pairs (class-1). Additionally, a support is also returned as another key with first entry denoting number of non-duplicate file pairs and second entry having duplicate file pairs.