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Contribution Guide

We welcome any contributions whether it's,

  • Submitting feedback
  • Fixing bugs
  • Or implementing a new feature.

Please read this guide before making any contributions.

Submit Feedback

The feedback should be submitted by creating an issue at GitHub issues. Select the related template (bug report, feature request, or custom) and add the corresponding labels.

Fix Bugs:

You may look through the GitHub issues for bugs.

Implement Features

You may look through the GitHub issues for feature requests.

Pull Requests (PR)

  1. Fork the repository and a create a new branch from the master branch.
  2. For bug fixes, add new tests and for new features please add changes to the documentation.
  3. Do a PR from your new branch to our dev branch of the original Image Super-Resolution repo.


  • Make sure any new function or class you introduce has proper docstrings.


  • We use pytest for our testing. Make sure to write tests for any new feature and/or bug fixes.

Main Contributor List

We maintain a list of main contributors to appreciate all the contributions.